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Saturday 22nd July, 2017
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

The UBER TALENTED JUDY has taken FIRST PLACE in... ou now, I may get this wrong Judy, so please forgive me if I balls this up , in the state fair?!?! County fair??!
EITHER WAY it was entered into what was CLEARLY THE BESTEST FAIR WITH THE SMARTEST JUDGES because Judy's Hogwarts Bunch Blanket WON FIRST PLACE !!!!
However, NOT ONLY did she win first place and that beautiful glimmering blue ribbon, she also won THE rosette ribbon aka. the Coordinators Special Award !!!

I'm fricken ECSTATIC for you Judy!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
This masterpiece has been a labor of love for you for SUCH a long time!!! These awards are WELL DESERVED for such a dazzling display of talent !!

Lee xox

Sunday 16th July, 2017

I feel like I am only now just starting to re-enter reality, as for the past three days my mind has been stuck at Manderley
I FINALLY got around to picking up this much loved modern classic a few days ago and I haven't been able to put it down longer than 3 seconds ouuuuuuuu boy it was GOOD!!!
If you've read it or seen the Hitchcock film, you'll no doubt understand the myriad of thoughts and feeling i'm having right now , but if you are yet to read it/see it/or be spoiled as far as the story goes, i'm just gonna before I end up !
I've requested the film adaptation featuring Joan Fontaine and Sir. Laurence Olivier from the library and I can't blooming wait to see it as I know their portrayals will be spot on!

I would love nothing more than to GUSH about the story and all the WONDERFUL little writing tricks and techniques that Du Maurier executed so beautifully, but it is really a story one should experience for themselves
Pffft! Am I a tease or what?!?!
Now that I have returned to the land of the living, I shall be able to finish up Mr. Baggins for real now!
You have to admit though, nothing quite beats getting swept away by a book #noregrets!

Lee xox

Friday 14th July, 2017
Room of SHAME

So as you can see... the yarn room is still a work in progress
God I HATE tidying it up (photographic evidence to your left). There are so many other productive things to do with one's time....
a) cutting my toenails...
b) counting the blades of grass on my front lawn...
c) staring at a brick...
So far, my plan of action has been to lump everything in a massive pile, sort them into colour groups and THEN SHOVE them back onto the shelves. Tis' not going as quickly or seamlessly as expected unfortunately
I have WAY too many tangled balls to be able to store them in good conscious, so i'm doing A LOT of re-winding, which drains the clock and sends me slightly batty with the monotony of it
I have an awful feeling that i'll still be winding 5 months from now... but hey ho!
In OMG-i'm-nearly-finished news,

Almost time to pop on your dancing shoes!!! 20 ROWS TO GO!!!
From memory, I think that equates to about 5 pages of pattern and with a page taking about an hour/hour and a half, we should see a completed Frodo by mid next week !

Lee xox

Sunday 9th July, 2017
Good Grief it's a CAL!!

The WONDERFULLY self-described 'yarny geek' ALEX over at TWO HEARTS CROCHET has just announced the new theme of her latest CAL and I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, as you can see above, PEANUTS won the 'voter's choice' and will be starting shortly !!!!
I flipping ADORE Peanuts (who the heck doesn't?!) and I WILL be participating in this CAL !!!!
Because I totally need another massive project like a hole in the head but DUDE! IT'S PEANUTS!!!
Alex is still currently working away on the graphs, but she has just released some teasers over on the official page HERE
EEEP!!! Looking great huh?!?!!!! This will be my first 'Two Hearts' CAL, but I have been an avid 'scroller' *cough* stalker *cough* of the previous CALS hosted over on their Official CAL page (actually i've only just joined the official group, before I would see everything via their offical blog page). Previous CAL's include Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Game Of Thrones, the list goes on, but participating in THIS one is an absolute no-brainer for me
I've actually been on a real Peanuts kick lately, so this could not have come at a better time! I'm currently halfway through 'Schultz and Peanuts: A Biography' by David Michaelis which is terrific and i've also been revisiting the comic strips lately and laughing my arse off
A lot of past CAL participants choose to whip these panels up using the C2C or 'corner to corner' technique, however I am feeling a return to BOBBLES is on the cards for me

Can't you just picture the Peanuts gang in bobble form as a giant blanket ?!?!?!
The official start date is 4th August, but i'm telling ya, as soon as those charts hit the web, I will be off and racing !!!
Be sure to let me know if you will be participating!! I will still continue to work away on my own pieces, but I just can't turn this down Queue the Peanuts theme song!!! WOO!!

Lee xox

Saturday 8th July, 2017

77%!!!!! EYES!!!!!!!
I'm having what I like to call my 'Geppetto' moment - "He's a real boy!"
These portraits really don't come alive till you have the eyes and I am fricken LOVING how Frodo's sparklers have come out !!!
It's all about the eyes with Frodo and i'm so pleased with the little glints that have now appeared. They always bring a wonderful depth and level of realism into being and UGH this is what I love most about making these!! How a simple hook and a bunch of yarn can breathe life into a portrait.... Tingles man, tingles!!
Speaking of yarn....

I'm going to have to be careful and quite conservative when it comes to the expanse of sky coming up, because this is all that remains of colour number 7!
Time to account for each and every stitch! Here's hoping I can make it through to the end !!

Lee xox

Thursday 6th July, 2017
Behind the scenes

I'm currently in the middle of this treasure trove by one of my heroes, Mr. Chuck Jones
I was raised on MASSIVE doses of old school Disney, Hanna Barbera, Rocky & Bullwinkle and of course Looney Tunes
I have love for each and every character and cartoon that has stepped out of each and every one of these studios, however, the gang from Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies will always be a cut above the rest for me
Honest to god, these new Bugs, Daffy, etc. cartoons are an abomination. JUST PLAY THE ORIGINALS!!
A HEM apologies. I get quite heated and upset at the state of current cartoons...
This book is truly wonderful In his own words, Chuck shares hilarious anecdotes, hijinks and self-deprecating tales from his childhood, his progression as an artist and tales of his time as a director at the one and only Termite Terrace on the Warner Bros lot, where he helped to bring my favourite characters to life

As joyous and funny as Chuck's recollections are in this book, I just read a passage that has left me a little heartbroken
It reads as follows,

"Walt Disney, along with many other producers, may have had the political acumen of a squid, but to me he is the patron saint of all animators. When I saw The Three Little Pigs, I wrote him a letter to say how much I admired the picture, and to my surprise he replied, expressing the hope that my work might one day stimulate the people at Disney. I was very proud of this piece of paper, and for years I always carried it in my back pocket and showed it to everyone until I wore it out.
Over the years I wrote perhaps four more letters to him, and he always wrote back. About six months before he died, I was at the hospital across the street from the Disney studio, and a nurse told me that Walt was a patient there and suggested I go and say hello to him. I found him alone, sitting up in his bed. Shading his eyes, he invited me in. I told him about the letters and thanked him for replying to every one. He said something peculiar: "It wasn't difficult. You are the only animator who ever wrote to me."

My goodness. Doesn't that just rip the wind right out of you. As Chuck goes on to say, here was a man who was adored by millions, but apparently not by those whose talent he admired, his animators.
Such a sad and moving revelation between two men who really were responsible for a great deal of my childhood entertainment, my vocabulary and my sense of humour. Such a bittersweet moment
Just goes to show that we don't always know what goes on behind that glitzy showbiz curtain and yet the show must and always will, go on.

Lee xox

Wednesday 5th July, 2017
Take a seat...swiftly!

So, it would appear that Ms. Taylor Swift may have some pent up aggression towards red pieces of furniture...
If only she could place an appropriate and AWESOME cushion on said piece of furniture to make it more appealing?!...
( I am the Queen of the segue people)

The gorgeous CLAIRE has turned her Taylor Swift portrait into a pretty fricken sweet cushion !
Now if this piece strikes you as familiar , that is good, because it is! Claire completed this piece as a part of a past Totallee CAL!
(Is it bad that I have forgotten which year it was jeezuz that is a little disturbing...)
Claire, you've done a BRILLIANT job my friend! I love seeing what folks do with their pieces when they are finished and cushions are an excellent option for these pieces, especially the ones on the smaller side
The best news for us, is that Claire has a few more versions of Ms. Swift on the way which will ALSO be turned into cushions !

Lee xox

Tuesday 4th July, 2017
I smell the finish line!

Heya queens, pals and gals
I have returned from my 4-day whirlwind trip to the GORGEOUS city of Brisbane!
It was BEYOND lovely, escaping -10 degrees, wind and frost for 23 degree balmy sunshine let me tell you ! I love Brissy, if you ever have the chance to visit, be sure to head straight to the 'Pig & Whistle' smack bang in the middle of Queen Street Mall. Their 'English Pub' style menu.... don't even look at it, just order one of everything TASTIEST FOOD IN BRISBANE I swear you can't go wrong SO GOOD!!!
However, the best part of the trip, was the view

Brisbane CBD @ night from the 65th floor!!! I was glued to the window for 90% of the trip STUNNING!
I'm usually not one for heights, but honestly it was just SO spectacular, I was frozen in awe rather than in fear, which was a pleasant change
This little getaway was actually a little Dad & Daughter trip to see a game of footy at Suncorp Stadium (on the old bucket list!) which was really really lovely !

Lovely shot of me there at the ground with all my friends
Would you believe, that with 10mins to go, that place filled up with around 43,000 extra people It was such a pumping atmosphere!
The rest of the time was spent eating, drinking, walking and soaking up the glorious happenings! Brisbane is certainly a city of young families and everyone was out and about and just having a huge bunch of fun. Down along the river they had set up this massive 'winter wonderland' full of fake snow, an ice skating rink and a booming orchestra, I enjoyed it from afar with my coconut gelato , but it was a joy to see so many little kids lose their shiz over seeing so much snow
Now i'm back home in 72 layers of winter woolies!
Sadly the second little mini trip I had planned has fallen through
However! That does mean that I have returned to my hook earlier than planned and as you can see...

Mister Frodo is @ 70%!!
STAY TUNED over the next few days as I get this lil hobbit to the finish line!! Nearly there!!!!

Lee xox